3 Signs It’s Time to Hire an External Recruiter

Annie Desrochers

Your company is growing, and you are looking to hire the perfect candidate to join your team. The position is posted on all the job boards and your internal recruiter is working hard on scheduling interviews, the position should be filled in no time, right? Maybe not.

Depending on the role you are looking to fill, it may be beyond what your internal recruiter can handle.

They’ve brought in some amazing additions to the team in the past, but they are struggling to fill this crucial role(s). You may be asking too much of them. Positions with a specific skillset, especially high-level ones can be difficult to fill. 


Here are 3 signs it may be time to bring in outside help:


You are looking to fill a critical role 

External recruiters specialize in filling critical roles and have the bandwidth to reduce the time to hire. When these types of critical roles are left open for too long, production can bottleneck, or projects may fall behind. A good recruiter will understand your company’s needs and focus where you may not be able to. They know how to appropriately source and measure the type of quality talent needed for your critical role.

Not all external recruiters are created equal though, make sure you use a recruiter that concentrates on filling critical roles. These types of recruiters will have worked on filling similar roles in other organizations. They will have a ready-made talent pool of qualified, interested candidates and best practices to reach those desired candidates.


You’ve been looking over 4 weeks

If you haven’t been able to find a quality candidate within a few weeks, it may be time to bring in outside help. When you hire a recruiter, they are motivated to fill this position for you. They have access to databases, job boards, and resources that can get you the candidates you may be missing.

 Filling crucial roles are time sensitive, but you do not have the extra hours to dedicate to actively search for a qualified candidate. A good recruiter makes that time. One thing to note, keeping open and consistent communication with your recruiter will shorten the time to hire significantly. Bringing in a recruiter can take the pressure off you to find candidates but providing feedback in a timely manner should remain a top priority. The quicker you respond to your recruiter’s questions, the sooner they can bring you qualified candidates.

Another thing to consider is the actual cost of leaving a position vacant for too long. Most employees will generate revenue that is two to three times more than their yearly salary. The longer a critical role is left open, the more revenue your organization could be losing out on.  There are also non-monetary costs of not having your critical position filled, such as added workload and stress to your remaining employees. Filling your crucial position in a timely manner can avoid the negative trickle-down effects for your organization.


You are looking for a specialized skillset

The truth is that the qualified candidate you may be looking for is likely gainfully employed and not even looking for a new position. The right recruiter will have a database of passive candidates and the means to directly contact those within the database. Your recruiter should have the resources and networks to reach those candidates and get them excited about your company. By the time you are interviewing the candidate, they are primed and interested in you!


When you are trying to hire for a specialized role, a recruiter that is well versed in that skillset can be invaluable. Recruiters spend their days pouring over resumes and can spot the elements of a qualified candidate.

Good recruiters also know their candidates. They have already met with and vetted every candidate that they submit. Going into the first interview, you know you are meeting with someone who matches the job requirements and can be a good culture fit.

Knowing when to bring in an external recruiter can be a game changer when your company is experiencing growth. With the help of a good recruiter, you can be sure your most specialized and critical roles are filled fast.

Happy hiring!

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