Welcome to TalentWeb’s Micro RPO service wherein we partner with start-ups and high-growth companies in order to help them efficiently and rapidly scale their creative, development and product teams. Micro RPOs are 2-3 month short-term projects that focus on quickly and effectively growing the company.

TalentWeb employs data to drive the results-oriented recruitment process; we prioritize our time and focus on high-converting activities to scale teams to ensure that all submissions, short-list and offer deadlines are met. We act as an extension of the company and the recruitment team and will come on ground regularly to meet with you. We can integrate any client communication platforms, such as Slack and Teams, etc., in order to provide a smooth client and candidate process. 

Curious to know what a client Micro RPO site looks like? Check it out below! Ready to scale your team? Request more information here.


Active Micro RPO's